Zeng Hsing Computerized Sewing Machine – Success into the Market

Zeng Hsing Industrial Co., Ltd. was successful in developing the computerized sewing machine assisted by Industrial Development Bureau Ministry of Economic Affairs and won the prize in the “2005 Conventional Industry Technology Development”. It encourages and is positive to Zeng Hsing Company. The traditional sewing machine that Zeng Hsing produced is incurred by Japanese main factories’ limit in the aspect of patent., resulting in the limited developing of technology, lower technology & lower entry barrier. Through the assistance of IDBM, ZH can invest the resource for researching & developing the computerized sewing machine. In this process, to learn the planning, arrange the schedule, achieve the targeted goal, and distribution of human resource and so on. It is to accumulate the experience and Technology. Computerized Sewing Machine was successful into the market that is the important milestone for Zeng Hsing. In addition to Zeng Hsing’s R & D teamwork, the technical cooperation with MIRDC and Fu-Ching also contribute the success. Zeng Hsing would commits itself to having outstanding products into the market continuously and look forward to famous sewing machine producers in America and Europe, pursuing the higher quality and technology of product.

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