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Our products
Beading Foot006L1A0037The Beading Foot helps you to sew strung bead, pearls, pipe or cord to the fabric easily.
Looping Foot006L1A0058The ideal looping foot can create straps and fringe, decorative trim, belt loops and drawstrings easily. This foot also can be used for making accurate pattern markings.
Piping Foot006L1A0038Help you to add piping to the edges of the fabrics, ideal for the narrow to medium piping sewing.
Edge Wrapping Foot006L1A0059This foot is a great choice to stitch up two pieces of clean-edged fabrics or to be flexibly used in making different seams.
Blind Hem Foot006L1A0044 Blind Hem Foot can work on all different kinds of fabrics. The purpose is to let sewers work effortlessly to join two pieces of fabrics and make the hems invisible .
Rolled Hem Guide006L1A0060This tool is specially designed for guiding while sewing a rolled hem pattern and it works on different kinds of fabrics.